About Us

Global International Financial Networking (GIFN) works with entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives. We assist them in developing and implementing capital raising strategies to meet their present and future funding needs. We target businesses with the potential for strong, sustained growth in revenue and profitability.

We have access to known and qualified lenders and investors. The majority of these investors have capital under management ranging from a low of some $200 million to amounts substantially exceeding $1 billion.

We look for:

  • Strong management team;
  • Significant competitive advantages;
  • Strong market position or clear market opportunity.
  • What we do

    • Equity financing;
    • Debt financing;
    • Organizational and financial re-engineering.

    We focus on these areas:

    • Infrastructure – including: social housing, port development, university buildings (including dormitories), etc;
    • Information and communications technology (ICT);
    • Biomass, renewable and clean energy technology.

The Founder

Jean-Richard Charbonneau, M.B.A., Adm.A., President and CEO

T. +1.514.891.7226

Jean-Richard CharbonneauJR Charbonneau possesses nearly 40 years of business and financial management experience. His extensive global network of investors, built up through years with companies such as the International Financial Center (IFC) in Montreal, Canada where he was Vice-President of Business Development consists mainly of European and Middle-Eastern investors. He is responsible for bringing investors to the table.

Jean-Pierre Levac
Vice-President and COO

T. +1.438.792.7174

Jean-Pierre LevacJP Levac has been involved in the high-tech industry for nearly 20 years. He started his career as a computer programmer and has since occupied various specialized and management positions within industries such as healthcare, plastics, information technology and communications. His area of expertise is business networking and development. He is responsible for bringing clients to the table.